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Here at Gluten Free Yodas (GFY), we want offer a different perspective on living gluten free.  Whether you have lived gluten free since birth or have  just learned that you need to live gluten free, there is an entire world of reviews, testimonials, recipes, and other GF blogs out there.  Our mission is to provide advice and experience from an honest and forthright perspective.  While our focus may take more of a male slant, our sentiments cross gender boundaries.

Living gluten free in today’s world is far less complicated than it was 10 years ago.  Now, most supermarkets have a small corner dedicated to ‘natural foods’ and often label a section of an aisle as ‘gluten free’.  Have you ever noticed the prices on some of the items?  Yikes!  Compared to their gluten-filled cousins, these products can sometimes be double (or more) the cost.  Allow our product reviews and our lists of GF favorites to be your guide, and to help save you a dollar or two.  Living gluten free all these years, we have learned a thing or two about products, on-the-go tricks, and general “What the heck am I going to eat at the game tonight? – I can’t drink beer and I can’t have pizza!” quandaries.

We hope our blog breaks down misconceptions of living gluten free and offers new perspectives from two dudes who live gluten free.  (And still drink beer too!)

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