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Let’s face it, being on a gluten free diet and traveling is really a hassle.  When I first learned I needed to maintain a GF diet, I did what Bill did and pretty much binged on anything labeled GF that I could get my hands on – thankfully, I didn’t have the same results as Bill!  A lot of these things required making something at home, or being near a kitchen, so traveling became a real quandry.  Nowadays, there are a ton of GF options out there, many of which have always been GF (or have recently tweaked their recipe to be), and I didn’t realize it.

So, now, when I travel, I have a system – a list of items I bring along to eat.  No, I don’t make a batch of GF cookies, GF bread, and go skipping off to grandma’s house in my red cape.  I don’t gorge myself on GF stuff before I leave the house thinking that I won’t be able to eat until I return.  I, as many folks do, look for something handy, easy to carry and fits my diet – like a candy bar or power bar.  I don’t think it’s too much to ask for, even though we are GF.

I’m not saying you can’t bake till your hearts content and maybe even bring along a sandwich or two on your favorite GF bread.  For me, these things almost always seem to get crushed.  A PB&J sandwich that is moist and oozing out the side just doesn’t seem appealing to me.  I never liked being that kid in school with crushed cupcake and a soggy sandwich, and I don’ t like it now.

Enough babbling now … let me get to it.  Here’s my list – I get what I can, whereever I can find it, and go with it.

1) Larabars - you’ll find these with other healthy power barr, meal replacement bars, and the like.  They are small, easy to carry and tasts great.  My favorite is the Apple Pie!
2) Bora Bora bars – I just recently learned of these, and they are incredible.  These bars are all natural, organic, and gluten free!
3) Gluten Free Instant Oatmeal – all you need is a cup of hot water and you are golden.  I’ve asked many flight attendants for one and they’ve begun to bring packets of oatmeal themselves!
4) Snickers Bars – I am ok with these, but be sure to read the package in case you may not be.  The bite size ones have gluten, so don’t eat those.  I like snickers because if I am in a pinch, there’s usually a candy shop around!
5) Trail Mix – any brand will do.  There are many out there that are GF and also nut-free if you need.  I need the protein and the good fats, so I stick with the traditional kind with nuts and all.

This is just my short list.  You are going to want to do a bit of research ahead of your travel to find GF places to eat – unless you checked a bag of luggage full of pre-made items (which I wouldn’t recommend seeing as it’s extremely hot in the bowels of the plane!).  Goto to see what’s out there, and if possible, as folks living in your destination to look around for you.  And – always remember to tell people  you are gluten free!  There’s nothing more heartbraking then arriving at your friend’s hose and they’ve made lasagna – the real deal!

Happy GF traveling!  (And if anyone else out there has some traveling favorites, please add to this list – we are always looking for new things to try!)

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