Just the smell of wheat is making me itch!

I was sitting in the food court at a local mall this weekend in front of Sbarro – the italian restaurant.  We sat there because there was a high chair available for my daughter.  I immediately started to itch!  I had no idea why.  Then, it dawned on me – the first day of spring is just a couple days away.  Every year at this time, as the snow melts and the weather gets warmer, more and more allergens enter the air.  These all seem to meet inside my body.  I sometimes feel like I have ants in my pants!

One of my doctors described allergies to me this way, he said, “allergies are like a stopped up sink, the more allergens that fill the sink, the more it will overflow.”  This is where the itching comes in.  It’s not just from one allergen – wheat, it’s from a bastion of other things I am allergic too, and never knew about until developing an intolerance to wheat that flows through my blood stream. 

It’s essentially a kick in the pants to become even more strict than I already am with my gluten free diet.  What works in the dead of winter when no pollen is floating in the air, doesn’t work now.  So, if I am out at a restaurant, I have to say “please grill that chicken away from anything breaded”, or “please mix that caesar salad in a fresh cleanly washed bowl”, or I simply don’t eat out (and I love eating dinner out!).  I do have a small locally owned restaurant called Kelly’s Kitchen that has a gluten free menu and knows the system, so I’m fortunate.  Their gluten free and non-gluten free food is great in a town filled with pizza joints.  I don’t, like Bill, have PF Changs down the street, and I wish I did.

And so begins the season of very, very strict gluten free dieting, so that my ridculously itch body doesn’t itch anymore!

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