Mebo likes Nebo (I know bad)

What an amazing experience my wife and I had at Nebo last night.  We had an early reservation so the restaurant was not that crowded and went in specifically because we heard they had an amazing gluten free menu.  Everything that we heard was correct.  We enjoyed heated olives, a caprese salad that was amazing and my wife had the tagliatelle cappesante, which was pasta with a cheese sauce and seared scallops.  I had their gluten free pasta with bolognese sauce.  I need to tell you the pasta was al dente and the sauce I could eat with a spoon (in fact I did).  It was so good I ordered one to take home for another time.  The best part of the evening was meeting Carla, one of the two sister owners, she was such a hoot and really cares about making sure that you have a safe GFree experience. I must say Brava to the ladies at Nebo…it really is a great place for the gluten free.

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