You could have at least bought me dinner first! – A lesson on GF overload.

We told you that Gluten Free Yodas was a place where we would be open and honest about our experiences. Well this one will show you that we were not kidding!

I want to remind you that I am the gluten free newbie of the two yodas. I have only been free of the evil gluten (ok so that may be a little harsh) for a little over a month now. Where there have been so many great things about being gluten free there is one huge thing that you may not think about (but you will now)…your bowels.

As a newly gluten free person you immediately go out and purchase all the essentials. While all that stuff is amazing, it really does not have a whole lot of fiber in it. Let’s just say for the record I am not a nutritionist… just backed up.

In my case, before I was diagnosed, I was going all the time…no problem!

Not so much the case now that I’m on a strict gluten free diet… not going….big problem! I definitely am eating better, with more fruits and vegetables but probably not the right ones for getting the fiber my body needs.

So here it goes… About a week ago I noticed that I was having to go the bathroom all the time, day and night (just #1). The frequency and urgency was brutal. I talked to my wife and we thought maybe a Kidney infection or UTI (urinary tract infection).

Some of the benefits of a gluten free lifestyle is more energy and stamina, which increases your activity level (let’s just stop there). I promised my wife I wouldn’t let this slip, but I guess I just did.

So I made an appointment to go get all this checked out, but as my luck would have it my MALE doctor was not available. I was just going to see the doctor in the Urgent care clinic (which ended up being a pretty young female doctor). I figured that was fine, leave a urine sample, get a prescription, and I would be on my way. If only it was that easy – the test came back negative and the doctor tells me if the problem is not in the front, it is probably in the back. WHAT ‘BACK’?

I am now going to tell you 10 words a man never wants to hear a female doctor say, “I am going to have to massage your prostate for a bit“. I knew immediately this was not good…, and what the heck is a “bit”!!

Over the next “bit” I was poked and probed in the most private of areas (remember it was not in the front). But alas we had a diagnosis… an infection of the prostate caused by constipation… constipation caused by my new GF diet – yikes!.

Now the kicker is I had to give another specimen before I left which at first I could not provide. So, being the last patient of the day in a clinic with just a few workers left there, the doctor says, “Do I need to go back in there again?” To which I promptly replied, “not unless you buy me dinner first!”

So, Cipro for 2-4 weeks and increasing my fiber intake and I should be back to normal.

To all you newbies out there, remember the following:

1. Be sure to find sources of fiber in your gluten free diet – this can come from fruits and veggies – many of which are gluten free

2. Increase your water, decrease your caffeine – yes, water is gluten free too!

3. Supplement if necessary

And, of course, before you do any of these check with your health care provider first. You don’t want to increase one thing and decrease another!

Like I said earlier, this may have not been the first thing on your mind…but it will be now!

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