It’s not who I am.

Part of being gluten free was acknowleding that I needed to be gluten free.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s words of wisdom, I’ve learned not to be afraid to tell people that I am gluten free.  With this in mind though, I don’t let it define who I am.  It’s just part of me.

There are a lot of things about me that better define ‘who I am’.  For instance, I am a father, a husband, a singer, a painter, and a poet.  When I tell people that “I am gluten free,” I am not making a statement about my identity, but rather a request that I am taking into consideration when a meal is planned or a restaurant is chosen. 

In other languages, such as French or Spanish, the direct translation of “I am Jason” is really, “I am called Jason.”  One is not identified by a name, but rather referred to by a name, and thus allowed to be identified by things much deeper, and perhaps of one’s choosing. 

My wife’s cousin, Sarah, has epilepsy.  She is incredibly wise for her age and has taken a similar approach to her life as I strive to in mine.  Her website even states it very, very clearly.  She raises awareness about epiliepsy, involves community organizations in these efforts, and has a book written about her and how she defines herself and her approach to epilepsy.  Although her focus is on awareness of epilepsy, she does not let it define who she is, let it stop her from pursuing things, and certainly doesn’t wear it on her sleeves. 

Her same idea and approach is what led to this website – an idea that living gluten free isn’t about gluten free at all!  It’s about being me – the dad, the husband, the singer, the artist, and, now, one of the GF yodas.

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